Lease-Only Services

Save time and money with professional leasing services and find a reliable tenant faster.

A Better System for Faster Leasing

Throughout our 30 years of experience in the Hinesville, GA property management industry, we have worked hard to develop a leasing process that works quickly, and finds the right tenant to occupy your home. Owning rental property can be a risky business, but with our team of professionals on your side, finding a well-qualified tenant is one less risk you have to take.

The leasing process…from start to finish


1. Determine fair rent value for the home.


We help you determine the ideal rent rate based on the location and size of the property as well as rent charged on comparable units in the area. Keeping rent prices competitive will help reduce your vacancy days.

2. Prepare the property.


Our expert teams will guide you on what repairs should be performed before showing the property to perspective tenants. We can also assist with having the property re-keyed and a lockbox installed for our agents to access the home at the time of showing.

3. Advertise, Market, Show, Repeat.


We will utilize our extensive network to advertise the property giving potential tenants access to information on the home, including virtual video tours. Live showings will be conducted by one of our expert leasing agents and will be performed as many times as it takes to fill the vacancy with a well-screened tenant.

4. Qualify tenants.


Without the assistance of a property manager, many landlords will skip this step. Specialized Property Management helps protect you as the homeowner, the home itself, and the neighbors by performing a through screening which includes criminal and credit checks, and employment, income and rental histories. By doing so, you have a better picture of the tenant that will be occupying your home.

5. Communication.


While we are working hard to fill the vacancy at your property, we never want you to feel left in the dark. Our friendly team of leasing agents will send you weekly updates including any showings that happened, applications received, and where those applicants are at in the screening process.

Paying attention to details in the leasing process allows us to find you a well-qualified tenant who is more likely to stay longer on the property thus reducing your vacancy days.

Our leasing agents will provide friendly, professional service to both you and any potential tenants they have contact with. At Specialized Property Management, finding the right tenant to fill your home in a reasonable amount of time is our specialty.