Maintaining the Exterior of Your Hinesville, GA Home

Maintaining the Exterior of Your Hinesville, GA Home

Maintenance should occur outside the home as well as inside your residence. We highly recommend performing annual outdoor maintenance, as good exterior upkeep will result in higher values of homes for sale in Hinesville, GA.

Here are some ways to keep the exterior of your residence looking great:

Wash the Exterior

The best way to accomplish this is to use a pressure washer. Not only will using a pressure washer make the job quicker and easier, it will also be more thorough. Make sure you follow manufacturer recommendations on how to use the device, as pressure washers are dangerous when used incorrectly. Use a strong, sturdy stance when operating one so you won’t be knocked over by the force of the water. Wash all windows and screens thoroughly and check gutters for any debris that could turn into clogs. Many pressure washers have a compartment in which you can place detergent. A natural alternative is a solution of half vinegar and half water to thoroughly clean all exterior surfaces. To dry windows without streaking, use crumpled newspapers and then recycle them.

Pay Attention to Landscaping

Winter is hard on lawns and landscaping features. Even though our area doesn’t get the heavy snowfall that occurs in other areas of the country, ice storms and even light snow can tamp down grass and make it look bad. Chances are, you’ll also see an accumulation of garbage on your property, blown there by high winds. Make sure you take a few moments to inspect your yard and clean up debris, particularly if your property will be one of the Hinesville GA homes for sale this year. Yard maintenance requires more than trash pick-up. Rake matted grass to loosen it and then apply fertilizer. Consider having the lawn aerated to allow water and air to reach roots and promote a healthier looking lawn.

Repair or Replace Outdoors Furniture

When furnishing your patio or outdoor living area, only use furniture made of wicker, wood, metal or resin that is designed to weather the elements. All outside furniture requires periodic maintenance, so make sure you refurbish when needed. Even if you don’t winterize your furniture, regular washing and a coat of wax, stain or an appropriate coating recommended by the manufacturer will give renewed life to your outdoor furniture.

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