Items Home Inspectors May Miss

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Items Home Inspectors May Miss

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If you are looking at real estate for sale in Hinesville GA, home inspectors can help ensure that your new property is safe, and that you are making a wise investment. Home inspections are good for identifying foundation cracks and wood rot, among many other issues. However, even highly skilled inspectors cannot detect problems that exist between floor joists, inside sewage pipes or behind walls. Here are some major defects that often go unnoticed:
Issues with HVAC Systems
Deficiencies with HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) units can be hard for property inspectors to find. Typically, inspectors are reluctant to switch on air conditioning in cold weather, or measure the heat in warm climates, because they want to avoid damaging the system. Damage can occur, if the system is operated for too long in the wrong conditions. If your HVAC unit is giving you cause for concern, you should get it examined by a certified HVAC technician — separate from your property inspection.
Damaged, Clogged Sewage Pipes
Homeowners have to maintain the sewage pipes that run to the city center from their property. It is best to check whether those pipes are clogged, or require replacing, prior to purchasing a property. If the sewage pipes become blocked, it might cause raw sewage to spill out from the drains.
Usually, regular home inspections find out the kind of drainpipes used and determine their age. However, these inspections do not assess the condition or structural integrity of the sewage pipes. If you want to buy a property over twenty years old, you should consider paying for an additional sewer scope. This way, you can check that the sewage pipes are in good condition, and that roots from trees have not entered the pipes. Video sewer inspections generally cost $250-$500. This is far less than the price of replacing a sewage pipe, because pipe replacements can cost upwards of $25,000.
Obviously, these additional inspections and tests are not inexpensive. However, they might help you to circumvent nasty surprises in future. Armed with the above knowledge, use our advanced search tool on this site to find a good property for sale in Hinesville GA, or to learn more about homes for sale in Hinesville, GA.

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