Hinesville GA Sports and Activities for your kids.

Hinesville GA Sports and Activities for your kids.

The city of Hinesville, GA is perhaps best known for being the home of Ft. Stewart, where to this day brave men and women are stationed so that they can better help protect the citizens of our beautiful country. All too often we get questions from those who are looking for homes for rent in Hinesville GA that ask questions pertaining to activities for families to enjoy while they live here. If you are one of these men and women, you should know that there is a lot to do in our city for you and your family!

As the leaves begin another cycle of life and the flowers begin to bloom with the coming of Spring and Summer, one of the most popular destinations (especially for kids and teens) is the Liberty County Recreation Department which is located on East Oglethorp Highway in Hinesville. Here you can find a number of fun activities for you and your children to participate in, like soccer programs, volleyball programs, baseball programs, basketball programs and a number of different summer camps.

If you are in town and just purchased a new home for sale in Hinesville, GA and your air conditioning bill is a bit high, quit mulling around inside and make sure you swing by the Hinesville Swimming Pool to take a dip in the cool water and get out of the heat. The pool is conveniently located in the Liberty County Recreation Department and is open from 2pm-6pm during summer months only, and swimmers can invest in season passes for individuals or families. Don’t forget to check out the newest addition to the Rec Department as well, the Hinesville Skate Park. Daredevils can test their skills on the various ramps and grind rails just behind the outdoor basketball court and the swimming pool.

The Liberty County Recreation Department is dedicated to providing a wholesome environment for all who use the facility, and aim to achieve life learning, fitness and fun in a safe establishment, so get out, get fit and get happy in Hinesville!