About Georgia

Located in the southeastern part of the United States, Georgia was officially established in the year 1732, and ratified the United States Constitution in 1788. Georgia was last of the Thirteen Colonies, and was the last state in the U.S to be restored by the union.




Georgia is bordered by 4 states: Alabama on the west, Florida on the south, South Carolina on the east and Tennessee on the north. It is often called the Empire State of the South, as Georgia and especially the city of Atlanta have experienced substantial growth over the last 50 years. In 1790 the population of the state was a meager 82,000, while in 2012 the population was estimated at close to 10 million, which was up from the previous year by nearly 105,000 people.



Georgia is home to 15 Fortune 500 companies, including the Coca-Cola Corporation, the Home Depot, UPS, Aflac, Southern Company, Delta Air Lines, and SunTrust Banks. Georgia has over 1,700 internationally headquartered facilities representing 43 countries, employing more than 112,000 Georgians with an estimated capital investment of $22.7 billion. Georgia is also home to the busiest airport in the world, Hartsfield-Jackson Airport.

In recent years Georgia has also become a media hub. CNN is located in the city of Atlanta, and several movie production studios have set up shop around the state because of substantial tax breaks.

Tourism also makes up a large portion of the economy, as tourists flock to the state to experience the Georgia Aquarium, the Coca-Cola factory, and Tybee Island.



The education system in the State of Georgia has been praised in several counties and cities around the state. There are nearly 70 public universities and colleges in the state, as well as 45 private colleges. Two of the most popular schools to attend are the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech, which attract students from all over the world.

The state of Georgia has also been praised for its HOPE scholarship which funded by the state lottery. This scholarship is available to all individuals that graduated from high school or received their General Education Development certificate in the state. In order to receive the scholarship a student must maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.2, and attend a private or public university or college within the state.



Population (Estimated as of 2012) – 9,919,945

Area – 58,876 sq mi

Capital – Atlanta

Largest City – Atlanta

State Nickname – The Peach State, The Empire State of the South

Motto – Wisdom, Justice, Moderation

State Flower – Cherokee Rose

State Bird – Brown Thrasher

Highest Point – Brasstown Bald

Lowest Point – Atlantic Ocean